Society Planner Spotlight: Aisha Garnett

Hello readers!  One of the things that we here at The Bridal Society love to do is feature some of the amazingly talented Certified Wedding Planners that are a part of our organization.  Each month our alumni newsletter shines a spotlight on one of our talented planners and this month we were lucky enough to get to know a bit more about Aisha Garnett of Sheree Amour Wedding and Event Planning!

Meet Aisha…

She is the owner and principle wedding planner and designer of Sheree Amour Weddings & Event Planning. After discovering a hidden talent for planning and creating unforgettable events, she decided to gain more knowledge and pursue a full-time career in the industry. She received her certification through The Bridal Society’s leading certification program in 2012 in Harrisburg, VA.


What do you love most about being a wedding planner?
I take pride in making sure my client’s ideas, thoughts, and dreams become a reality. To me it’s not just about planning or coordinating their day, but I take pride in knowing that they trust me with helping to plan one of the most important celebrations of their lives. So, with that amount of trust, I have to make sure I give it my all and make sure the way they have envisioned their event to go, is exactly the way I work to make it happen. I love making smiles appear on the faces of all of my clients. Celebrating any occasion is rewarding, and it’s more comforting to know that I had a part in making someone’s day amazing.

What social media do you use?  Why?  How?
I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and I’ve recently joined Periscope. I use those platforms since they are the most popular, but I do have better viewership with Instagram, especially if I post the right hashtags on my posts!

Where do you advertise?  Why?
I currently advertise on my social media sites and it’s the best advertisement because it’s free. I also advertise on Wedding Wire through the monthly paid advertising service. There are also a few other wedding platforms that I’ve created a vendor page on such as Perfect Wedding Guide,, Style Me Pretty and The Knot.

Do you take interns?
Yes, I welcome the idea of taking on interns. It’s a great way to welcome someone into this industry by helping them with that hands-on-experience so I definitely encourage taking on interns.

What continuing education courses have you taken with The Bridal Society?
I’ve taken Key Elements to Wedding Budgets and Venues, Vendors and Clients, OH My!

Describe your favorite wedding.
As I’m still trying to grow my business and get it where it needs to be, I wouldn’t say that the weddings I’ve planned so far were my favorite, but I do have a favorite wedding inspirational shoot that I planned and I felt just as proud the day I completed it, especially because it was my very first shoot and it has been published with Homemade Bride Magazine and Black Southern Belle. I treated my model like she was actually my bride, because I planned that shoot like I was planning a wedding…and it turned out great!

Advice for New Planners?
My advice for new planners would be to get as much hands on training as possible by working with other planners in the area or even joining TBS Alumni on their weddings as assistants. Also, if you’re starting your business from the ground up, I’d recommend that you get out and meet as many vendors and wedding professionals as possible. This industry is driven by referrals, so the more people you meet, the more you make great impressions with those wedding and event professionals, the more successful you’ll be in this business. My last bit of advice would be to “compete with yourself and no one else”. Don’t get caught up in trying to do what the next planner is doing, but use what they do as an inspiration to come up with your own ideas, create your own planning style and you’ll be the best “you” that you can be period and in this business.

Advice for Existing Planners?
My advice for existing planners – please don’t be afraid to share with other planners what you’ve learned along the way. Sharing valuable feedback or valuable advice does not make another planner your competition, because as I said earlier, we shouldn’t be competing against anyone but ourselves. As a planner that’s still trying to grow and perfect my business, I truly appreciate the feedback of those that have done this before me.

What is your average week like?
My average work week is pretty hectic! I usually start my day checking and answering
emails and making my daily posts with my social media sites. I also work a full time job Monday-Friday, so once I’m done picking up my children from school, I’m usually home by 4:30pm to prepare dinner and complete any homework sessions with my 6 year old. Around 6pm, I’m usually working on things that deal with Sheree Amour Weddings & Event Planning, before my husband gets home, and even then it’s hard to step away from it all, but I manage it. Also, during the week, I usually have vendor meetings with my clients depending on their schedule, but if I do have them, it’s either in the mornings or in the evenings. Saturday mornings, I really work on my business updating forms, creating forms, updating my website and social sites, visiting venues or I schedule and attend meetings that I wasn’t able to attend during the week. Sunday, I rest after church, regroup and prepare to start my week all over again.

These are a few of Aisha‘s favorite things…

What is your favorite moment on wedding day?
My favorite moment on wedding day would be to see all of my hard work come together, resulting in a beautiful wedding and the union of two beautiful people starting their journey together as husband and wife.

What is one item you cannot live without on wedding day?
Being that I’m so organized, I must have the itinerary and every other vendor must have it as well so that we are all on one accord.

What is your favorite activity when not coordinating a wedding? 
To be honest, when I’m not doing something geared towards perfecting or improving my business, I’m spending time with my family. Considering that I’m still at a point where I’m growing my business, I can allow it to consume a lot of my time, so when I don’t have my laptop in front of me, I’m focused on my family.

If you are a TBS Alum who is interested in being a part of our Spotlight Feature, please be sure to visit our private forum for the Society Spotlight Application.


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