Society Wedding Spotlight: Stephanie Starke

We are so thrilled to introduce our Society Wedding Spotlight feature where we have the opportunity to showcase the work of some of our talented planners.  Our first Wedding Spotlight comes from our very own International Director, Stephanie Starke.  This wedding is just filled with spectacular little details to feast your eyes upon and we are so excited that Stephanie was willing to share a bit about putting together this fabulous event!

The Essentials…

About Stephanie:


Stephanie Starke is the owner and co-founder of Saving the Day Events. Her expertise encompasses all event categories with wedding planning being at the forefront. She is a Senior Certified Wedding Planner and holds the title of The National Director for The Bridal Society. Stephanie was nationally recognized as the 2014 & 2015 Wedding Planner of the Year. She makes sure the day is about the couple and their happiness is above all else.  For more information about Stephanie and her company, please be sure to visit her website or her facebook page.

Date of Wedding: March 28, 2015

The couple: Jenna & John Oates

The Details…

Share a brief background story about your clients including their names, wedding date, how they met, how the engagement happened, etc.

Jenna & John met in high school in 9th grade. Following each other around the halls, they became friends quickly and the rest is history. This is a couple that is that complete “Cory & Topanga love story” that only grew stronger as the trials of high school, college and moving passed by. Most high school sweethearts I have had the privilege of planning their wedding, they end up separating and finding each other later in life. Not these two, they stayed together—never leaving each others side. After graduating high school, they both went off to UCF. John studied web design & development and Jenna studied Speech Pathology. When the time came for John to propose, her rallied up both of their families and created a proposal out of a storybook. He proposed in the backyard of Jenna’s moms house where she was lead through marketplace lights and pictures of the last eight years of them together. At the end, who else but John on one knee!


How were they referred to you?

Jenna & John were guests at a wedding that I planned in January 2014 (one of my first weddings under my business). John was friends with the groom since childhood and when they got engaged, they reached out to that couple and was highly recommended!

What unique elements did they want to incorporate into their wedding?

Being that John was a designer and an AMAZING one at that, his hand lettering was exquisite. Each of their signs for their wedding was hand lettered by him. They incorporated so much of their personality into every element of their wedding. The named their guest tables as their nicknames for each other (Little Bird—Jenna & Oatmeal for John) & favorite teams to destinations they have visited & favorite places to eat. They included a flaming donut bar, cigar bar and a cookie bar that all of the women in the family cooked their known for recipe!

The Favorites…

What was your favorite moment on this wedding day?

Oh goodness, can I just say being there?! Every moment of this wedding will FOREVER be deeply engraved into my heart. I guess you can say their First Look was pretty spectacular! Me and my team were standing on the sides just balling our eyes out. Their reactions were priceless!

What was your favorite part of planning this wedding?

The three of us clicked the second we met at our initial client meeting. I remember telling Jenna & John that if they did not hire me, I had to be a guest strictly due to the flaming donut bar (I mean who could pass that up!). In all seriousness, they took time to incorporate who they are as a couple and who they are individually into every aspect and every detail of their wedding.

What was one item you could not live without on this day?

My appetite, smile and tissues! HAHA, but in all seriousness, I create extremely detailed documents for myself and my team to stay on the right path and we use those as a reference to check, double check & triple check every detail and aspect to ensure it is in its right place and the vision the bride & groom have came to life!

What was one aspect of planning this wedding that you were excited to execute? (if applicable)

I was so excited to put everything together! Like I have mentioned, they had so many unique elements and I knew it would all come together flawlessly. There were also a few details that I have seen around the wedding trend world and was super excited to see first hand like their unity ceremony and the cigar bar!

Thank you to Stephanie for allowing us to feature Jenna & John’s wedding.  If you are a CWP through The Bridal Society and would like to submit a Spotlight Wedding to be featured, please be sure to visit our private Facebook forum for the application.

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