Setting The Standard

The Bridal Society was founded with the idea of establishing a professional standard for planners and vendors in the wedding industry.  It is our mission to increase the education level, competence and reliability of both planners and vendors and to provide our Certified Wedding Planners and Certified Wedding Venue Professionals with the tools to grow and succeed in their businesses while servicing their clients at the highest level.

We hope to dispel misconceptions among some brides and grooms that planners (and even some other wedding vendors) are merely hobbyists and emphasize the invaluable nature of our services.  We are creating a new norm for the industry and establishing expectations so that clients may have confidence in their planners and our planners have the education and tools to be confident in their businesses.

When you hear that someone has been certified by The Bridal Society, you will know to expect certain things of them:

1. They will abide by a code of ethics

This code of ethics permeates every aspect of our lives as business owners and individuals and pertains to the way that we, as planners, treat our clients, each other and everyone else in our lives.  We emphasize the importance of building a community of trust, honesty and transparency and we work within a framework that promotes knowledge, sharing and kindness.  As a client you can expect that a CWP  will always be your advocate and provide you with the best resources that they have to offer.  As a fellow planner/vendor you can expect that we will never seek to succeed by undermining you, but by improving ourselves and our business practices and encouraging those around us to do the same.  We hold each other accountable and those who demonstrate an inability to abide by this code relinquish their access to society membership.

2. They will conduct business with a high degree of professionalism

There is a large emphasis placed on the ability of our CWPs to act with professionalism at all times in terms of their personal character and their business methods.  This includes things like being on time, responding quickly and thoroughly to correspondence, planning ahead, anticipating client/vendor needs, presenting ourselves proficiently and effectively.  These are the things that separate the businesses from the hobbyists and make for a smoother experience for our clients.

3. Their focus is on YOU and YOUR wedding

While a sister or an aunt or a cousin may love weddings and know a great deal about them, there are things that wedding planners deal with on a daily basis that are often missed by those who have not planned multiple events.  We have access to an extensive vendor database so we have the resources to handle any wedding day hiccups.  Our focus is on your wedding and while we may come to love you like family and become the best of friends, it is our job to focus on making sure the event runs as it should and not be distracted by the party or worried about missing out like a sister/aunt/cousin might be.

4. They have a wealth of knowledge

This really is the most invaluable part of having a Certified Wedding Planner with you for your wedding.  For most couples, this is their first (and hopefully last) wedding.  A CWP will guide you through the process, make recommendations based on your needs and provide you with insight from their experiences of what they’ve seen work or not work in the past.  When a CWP recommends a vendor, you know that vendor has been vetted by the same standards we hold ourselves to.  Your CWP will have a contingency plan and a contingency plan for the contingency plan, all to ensure that your wedding runs as smoothly as possible and you are not faced with problematic decisions on the day of your wedding.

5. They continue to expand their knowledge

We firmly believe that knowledge is power and we encourage our CWPs to constantly improve and expand that knowledge base with continuing education courses that provide specialized information on everything from running a rehearsal to managing a wedding budget.  The more we learn, the more we grow, and the better we can serve our clients.

If you or anyone you know is interested in signing up for or learning more about The Bridal Society’s Certified Wedding Planner Certification Conference, please visit our website.


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