New Partnership with Aisle Planner

Hello Planners!  We are starting the week off with some exciting news.  The Bridal Society has just confirmed a new partnership with Aisle Planner!  Aisle Planner is a fantastic cloud based wedding planning software that is specifically designed to help wedding planners manage their business and clients in a streamlined, professional manner.

Aisle Planner was created by planners for planners.  It’s a project management system that will help you stay on task and keep each event’s details organized while also providing you with a number of tools that will help you communicate with your clients, present ideas to them and manage all of your weddings in one place.

There are customizable features that allow you to create templates and presentations with your own logo, task management and calendaring systems, budget trackers and so much more!  Aisle Planner really has thought of everything.  Please be sure to take a look at their site for further information and let us know what you think!  Thank you Aisle Planner for partnering with us, we are so excited to team up with you.

For more information about The Bridal Society, please visit

For more information about Aisle Planner, please visit


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