The Myths of Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is an extremely rewarding career, but it is exactly that – a career.  And while most planners invest much more of themselves into their job than people often realize, there are certain things almost every wedding planner has heard over the course of their career.  Today we’re here to dispel some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding the world of wedding planning!
Myth #1: It’s parties and flowers and pretty things all the time

Yes, wedding planning is fun and most planners enter the industry because they love it.  But make no mistake, it is hard work.  While the end product may look fantastic and we may have beautiful photographs for our websites and instagram accounts,  you don’t see the prep work and the hours invested to get each of those photos.  Most of a planner’s time and work is focused on scheduling, communicating, managing multiple vendors and moving parts, following up and re-following up on the tiny details that cannot be overlooked.  We also give up our weekends with our families and friends because most events occur over those weekends.  It’s an enormous personal sacrifice, but one that we do happily to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

Myth #2: Anyone can do it

Every planner has, at some point, heard someone ask  “why can’t my sister/mom/cousin/friend just do it?”  Well, there are many reasons you hire a professional instead of a friend or family member:  1. It’s our job – we have dedicated work hours where we are 100% focused on your wedding and this industry.  And we take it seriously.  2. It takes a special set of skills – patience, high level communication, being detail oriented, thoughtfulness, follow through, planning ahead, timeliness – to manage and navigate all of the moving parts involved in a wedding.  3. Experience – Wedding planners regularly plan weddings.  Most of us have many, many weddings under our belt.  We have seen or heard of most potential problems and are prepared with backup plans and ways to stop them from ruining your event.  Before you even realize there is a problem, we are there to anticipate it and do our very best to prevent it from happening.  Our experience can also help you in many other ways (see below)!

Myth #3: It costs too much

What you pay for a planner will come back to you in many other ways.  Our knowledge and experience can help you to prevent costly mistakes, stop you from overpaying on vendors, give you alternative ideas and options to stay on budget and save you much more than we cost.

Myth #4: You give up all control and planners take over
This is quite simple.  As your planner, we work for you.  Our job is to create your vision and your idea of the perfect wedding, not ours.  The primary goal of a wedding planner is to end an event with a happy couple who is thrilled with the event and happy to recommend us to anyone else they know!  For most planners, it is incredibly disappointing and very personally upsetting to have an unhappy client.  Our reputation is everything in our line of work and we want to have happy clients and successful events!
We hope this gives you a better idea of what wedding planners do and how we work and why we just love our jobs so much!

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