Happy Birthday Laurie Hartwell!

Today is a very special day, as it is the birthday of The Bridal Society’s fearless leader, Laurie Hartwell!   On Laurie’s birthday, it seemed particularly appropriate to discuss some of the things that make a person a great leader, a great business owner and more generally, a great person.  Each of these characteristics are something Laurie has embraced and worked into the foundation of her business and life.

Lead by Example

One of the very best things a person can do is lead by example.  It is easy to tell people to do something.  It is much more difficult to do it yourself.  Showing your commitment to your goals and standards is the quickest way to inspire others to do the same and demonstrate your strength of character.

Maintain High Standards

Striving for excellence, maintaining your integrity and always doing your best for your clients and staff are key to a successful business and successful relationships.  When your standards start to slip, others will notice.  Do the work, don’t cut corners and pay attention to detail.  Planners who are organized, respond quickly, maintain their calm and work with a level head are noticed and appreciated by clients and vendors alike.  Be known for your high quality of work.  When clients and other vendors are impressed by your quality of work, referrals are imminent!

Focus on what you are doing, not what others are doing

It’s a competitive world and sometimes it’s hard to ignore another planner who copied your packages or undercut your pricing.   What you must remember is that you are holding yourself to a higher standard and your packages and pricing have been set for a reason, that you are worth the price and the clients that you want will be able to see the difference between you and them.  Raging endlessly against the haters, the scammers and the copy cats is a waste of energy, and while it is perfectly reasonable to protect yourself and your business, your energy is best focused on growing and moving onward and upward!

Spread Positivity & Kindness

Never underestimate the power of a smile and a kind word.  You are your brand and presenting yourself in a positive, kind manner will go a long way.  There will be frustrations and difficulties along the way, but spiraling into a wave of negativity will never help any situation.  Keep your perspective, vent if necessary, but try not to dwell.  Vendors and clients remember the upbeat and positive planners who are kind, thoughtful and easy to work with.   Even the smallest of gestures can go a long way.

Community Building

There is so much benefit from building a community around you.  One of the very best parts of being a member of The Bridal Society is the encouragement members give each other and the genuine wish for the well-being and success of colleagues.  We all learn more by sharing and supporting each other.  We all become better by helping and connecting and by receiving help from others.  The cream of the crop will rise to the top and there is plenty of work to be had and shared by all.

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