Society Wedding Spotlight: Jessika McCuin

We are excited to start off the new month with a gorgeous wedding brought to us by Jessica McCuin of JM Wedding Group!

The Essentials…

About Jessika:


Jessika McCuin is a certified wedding planner, through The Bridal Society, and the owner of JM Wedding Group. She acquired a love for all-things-wedding when she was a little girl (circa jelly shoes & Lisa Frank days), and confirmed her niche while planning her very own fairy tale. Jessika is a lover of love, detail overload, and floral galore; she is a firm believer that coffee is never a bad idea and that sequins make everything better. Jessika earned her Business degree, from the University of Central Arkansas, in 2013. Jessika currently resides in the Greater-Little Rock area, where her wedding planning business is based, and is always looking to earn more frequent flyer miles (shout out to all the destination brides)!

Date of Wedding: February 2016

The couple: Stephanie and Craig Friedman


The Details…

Share a brief background story about your clients including their names, wedding date, how they met, how the engagement happened:

Stephanie and Craig Friedman met in law school, when Stephanie was in her first year and Craig was in his final year. Once they fell in love, they were completely content with their life; engaged seven years, before making the decision to get married. Stephanie knew that she wanted a romantic, night to remember, kind of wedding. Craig knew that he wanted whatever Stephanie wanted, with the exception of insisting the Arkansas Razorback game be playing somewhere. This couple was a treat to work with, and I was sad for the planning to come to an end on October 8, 2016.

How were they referred to you?

Stephanie said she fell in love with photographer BJ Matthews, when she found herself drooling over a destination wedding he had shot. She later realized that the bride in those photos was a local wedding planner, and she said, “that’s when I knew I had to have you both”. Both B.Matthews Creative and JM Wedding Group were booked within 48 hours of each other.

What unique elements did they want to incorporate into their wedding?

Craig wanted his love for law to be represented somewhere, so we opted to display that through the groom’s cake table. Craig also had to have the Razorback game playing, and we did it in a classy way; a men’s corner, where the small television was muted and not a distraction, featuring top scotch and a cigar bar.

The Favorites…

What was your favorite moment on this wedding day?

So. Many. Happy. Tears. From heartfelt toasts to the sentimental letters, exchanged between the bride and groom, this entire day resulted in major “heart eyes”. The love these two shared was infectious, and our cheeks hurt from smiling.

What was your favorite part of planning this wedding?

I loved my meetings with both the bride and groom, because it allowed me more sneak peeks into their world. I listened to their wants and desires, and we collaboratively made them realities. This couple welcomed all of my ideas, and were always so kind and easy to please. We know those couples are few and far between, so I certainly took advantage of the sweet time I had with them. Forever swooning over their magical day!

Thank you to Jessika and JM Wedding Group for allowing us to feature Stephanie and Craig’s special day.  If you are a CWP through The Bridal Society and would like to submit a Spotlight Wedding to be featured, please be sure to visit our private Facebook forum for the application.

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