Society Planner Spotlight: Brianne Ackerland

As always, we are very excited to spotlight one of our wonderful Certified Wedding Planners, but Brianne Ackerland is particularly special!  She was one of the nominees for 2016’s Wedding Planner of the Year Award and has been one of the most active members of The Bridal Society.  She currently serves on our team of managers and when she isn’t busy supporting The Bridal Society community, she is even busier running her business Stress Free Weddings, Inc.

Meet Brianne…


Brianne became a certified wedding planner through The Bridal Society in March 2014. After completing all continuing education courses she gained her Senior Certified Wedding Planner status in January of 2015 and has been recognized with Wedding Wire’s Couples Choice Awards (2015-2017) and The Knot Best of Weddings (2017).

Get to know Brianne…

What do you love most about being a wedding planner?

I love getting to help people enjoy the wedding process. And just getting to talk about all things wedding.

What is your average week like?

Daily, I am responding to Client emails.  I also follow the TBS Forum closely to try to offer assistance where I can.  On Tuesday’s I post a Wedding tip on Facebook, usually about something I personally have encountered with one of my Clients.

What is the best way you have found to acquire clients?

I advertise on WeddingWire and TheKnot. That is where I get most of my leads from.

What advice can you give and/or have you received that you can pass on to new/existing planners?

Know your worth. – Thanks to Laurie for that one. I would offer to do everything my Clients needed for nothing because I loved the work. Now I make sure I charge for my time.

It’s ok to tell your Clients no. When you first start out you want to take any work that comes your way and do everything they ask for because you want the business and need a good review. Sometimes no matter how hard you work you still don’t get the good review. So don’t kill yourself. Say no and be confident in yourself and the training you have received.

The Favorites…

What is your favorite moment on wedding day?

My favorite moment is actually at the end of the night. When I walk up to my Bride and Groom and wish them all the best and they tell me thank you for all my hard work. Then I know I did what I had set out to do. Let them have a Stress Free Wedding.

What is one item you can’t live without on wedding day?

Cell Phone

What is your favorite activity when not coordinating a wedding?

Shopping or sleeping.

TBS gives a special thanks to Brianne for this special look into her life and business and to Eric Yerke Photography for the wedding images.  If you are a TBS Alum who is interested in being a part of our Spotlight Feature, please be sure to visit our private forum for the Society Spotlight Application.

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