Most Loved Moments

Happy LOVE day to all of our readers!  In honor of Valentine’s day, we thought we’d share with you some of our favorite wedding moments.   Planners have a unique point of view at the weddings we work on.  We see the most intimate moments, get to be a part of all the behind the scenes prep and function in many ways as an impartial observer .  For all those reasons, we love what we do and often times our favorite moments are the little in-between moments that guests don’t see and the bride and groom might not even be aware of.  We asked some of our Certified Wedding Planners what their favorite moments are and these were some of the favorites:

  1. The Bride’s Entrance – While most people are on the other side of the doors, waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle, we planners are getting ready to throw open the doors and get to see the happy bride (and usually her father) in that pivotal moment right before she walks down the aisle!  There are usually smiles, nervous giggles and deep breaths that only we get to witness.
  2. Just Married – Meeting the bride and groom right after the ceremony is always a favorite!  Seeing the joy and elation on their faces after they’ve just said “I DO” is really special. Even better is when we can usher them away from the crowd to take a private moment to take it all in!
  3. Sneak Peek – Revealing the ceremony and reception set up to the bride and groom before everything begins is also another favorite among our planners.  It’s the first time they see the completed vision they have been working on and they often look around with tears in their eyes, overjoyed.
  4. Gift Giver – Planners LOVE getting to be the bearer of the bride and groom’s gifts to each other on their wedding day.  When we are entrusted to deliver a poem, a box, flowers from a groom to his bride, it’s so touching and we love getting to see the surprise and tenderness of these sweet gifts.
  5. The Groom – And lastly, while everyone else is looking at the bride, watching her walk down the aisle with her father, many planners like to watch the groom.  There is nothing quite like watching a man completely overwhelmed with love as his bride walks toward him.


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