Guest Post: Cathy Nugent – How To Start Blogging Successfully For Your Business

The Bridal Society is lucky enough to be filled with incredibly talented and hard working members.  As part of our 2017 blog revamp, we have asked some of these members to act as contributors to our blog and we are so excited to introduce you to Cathy Nugent of Cathy Nugent Weddings.  Today, she’s here to share with us some awesome tips on how to get started blogging for your business.  


From Cathy:

Let’s get real and honest about blogging. Whether you don’t have a blog or have one that you haven’t touched in months, I’m here to tell you how to start blogging successfully for your business to increase traffic and ultimately reach your ideal client.

You have a website, so why do you need a blog?

A wise woman once told me our website is only a snapshot of your business. People go to your website to get an overall idea of what your business is about. You don’t update it weekly, and pictures included in your portfolio can be from years ago. A blog, however, is your business’s home base. It’s a place for people to come find out what’s going on with your business, see your up-to-date work, and meet you before they ever set up a consultation.

Believe it or not, a dead blog is worse than having no blog at all.

Trust me, I get it. In a profession deemed one of the most stressful, it can be hard to commit to a consistent blogging schedule. You may be reading this and think you’re unable to commit to a blog. You’ve been there, tried that, and either don’t know how to pick it up or you’ve left it to pretend like it didn’t happen.

However, did you know that it would actually be better for your business for you to have no blog than one you haven’t touched in months? If people happen upon your blog and see you posting only once every few months or not posting in a long time, it actually reflects poorly on your business. They’re going to think you aren’t busy or maybe you even went out of business. If you abandon your blog, your followers might just abandon you.

So how can you start blogging successfully for your business? It’s as easy as these 5 simple steps!

  1. Pick a Topic.

As a wedding planner, your blog is probably going to be about weddings and subtopics that relate to the wedding planning process or your business. However, when you are finding your voice and choosing a topic for your bog you need to first make sure you’re talking to your ideal client. This will help your brand and blog to stay cohesive.

  1. Define Your Ideal Client

It’s no secret that people interact with people, things, and businesses that resonate with them on a personal level. Your brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that account for a consumer’s decision to choose your service over another. Defining who your ideal client is as an actual person will allow you to know your purpose, know who you’re talking to, and know how to reach them more effectively with your blog. It will also help you build your online presence with the thought of what will make your ideal client choose your brand over another.

So, what’s their name? How old are they? How do their friends describe them? What do they like to do? What’s their style, and where do they shop? What do they follow online, and why do they follow them? What do you want them to feel when they find you?

  1. Find Your Voice.

Finding your voice is all about finding what kind of voice you are going to have on your blog. Believe it or not, there are three types of voices that you can shape your blog around. Not only does this voice need to be strong, but also it needs to coincide with your brand.

  • Informative: If you approach writing your blog from an Informative voice, you will likely own your topic as an authority in the industry. You will be providing valuable insight from your unique perspective and sharing knowledge to help or inform your readers.
  • Lifestyle: Having a Lifestyle voice is characterized by your blog being personality driven with the driving force being you with your identity associated directly with your brand.
  • Specialty: With a Specialty voice, you’ll work hard to showcase a specific specialty or niche in the industry. You’ll position yourself as better than competitors and create experiences around your differences, rather than your similarities.

One of the biggest misconceptions about finding your voice is that wedding planners think they need their voice to be only informative or specialty to remain professional. However, I actually chose to have a lifestyle and personality-driven approach to my blog and branding. Not only do I prefer to have the feel of personal connections with my followers and clients, but also I want them to like me as the creator of my services as much as they like what I do. After recently moving into a very saturated market with no connections, I knew I needed to uniquely break into the market and be noticed if I wanted my business to survive. Don’t be afraid to be as unique as you are when it comes to finding your voice to keep from blending in!

  1. Make it a Conversation

Spoiler alert: you don’t always have to be stiff and stern when it comes to your business. It’s possible to be fun, relatable, and professional at the same time. People want to relate with you. No one wants to feel like they’re being lectured or talked at. They want to feel like they’re engaging in the topic with you and, better yet, that they’re part of the experience. It’s much easier to ask for a sale when they are already invested in the journey and excited about what you have to offer.

Think of it like this: If you were sitting across from your ideal client having coffee, what would you say to them? How would you say it?

  1. Make a Realistic Schedule… and Stick to It!

If you are someone who doesn’t normally blog but once in a blue moon, reading this and committing yourself to pushing out a blog post three days a week is not exactly feasible. Make a realistic blogging schedule based on your existing business schedule in Google Calendar. To start out, commit to posting at least weekly.

While consistency is key when it comes to how often you blog, it’s also important in the quality of blog posts that you are publishing. It’d be better for you to have one amazing quality post per month than a couple mediocre posts per week for a month. If your blog is your ‘home base’ where people come to stay up to date with your brand, what kind of quality do you want them to see?

Blogging successfully for your business is easier than you think. Having a consistent posting schedule and committing to providing high quality content aimed at your ideal client will train your followers for what they can expect when they visit your blog. Not only will they look forward to the publishing of your posts, but it’ll be part of their routine too – leading to more traffic to your blog, your site, and ultimately more bookings!

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