Society Wedding Spotlight: Aisle Ai Weddings

We have another great wedding feature today, brought to you by the ladies of Aisle Ai Weddings, Anna and Nancy!

The Essentials…

About Aisle Ai Weddings:

Aisle Ai Weddings is a wedding planning company focused on celebrating love. Many of their couples come from different backgrounds and a lot of their work incorporates a mixture of cultures and styles.  They particularly love giving incorporating traditional aspects of a culture into a wedding, while also mixing in modern elements.  Aisle Ai’s weddings are always fun and consist of three ingredients: one element of promise, one of romance, and one of surprise. The two founders of the company do everything that they can, to ensure that the brides have a wedding beyond their expectations. “Ai” means love in Mandarin. Aisle Ai prepares the bride for her walk down the aisle, towards her true love.

Aisle Ai Weddings was co-founded by Nancy and Anna:

Date of Wedding: December 31, 2016

The Couple: Gladys and Shane



The Details…

Share a brief background story about your clients including their names, wedding date, how they met, how the engagement happened:

Gladys and Shane were both looking for love. Gladys had almost given up until one day she stumbled upon a profile of a man with a cute, goofy smile. The two got to chatting, and felt like it was a sign! If Gladys looked outside her window, she could see directly into Shane’s backyard! They had never met before, but they were neighbors. What are the chances? On their first date, they met at the corner of the block and walked to a nearby coffee shop. Once they got to talking, they spoke for 3 hours non-stop. It was meant to be. Shane was gone for so long that his kids called and wondered if Gladys had kidnapped their dad. It really was supposed to happen, Gladys’s son and Shane’s three daughters got along very well and they became one big happy family. It just made sense.

How were they referred to you?

The bride and groom saw our wonderful reviews on Wedding Wire and contact us via email. From there, we found time to meet with them and we really clicked. We really only take on brides that we feel a connection with. Gladys and Shane were such a cute couple!

What unique elements did they want to incorporate into their wedding?

Gladys and Shane wanted us to create a new year theme of “New Year, New Love” as this is their second time giving marriage a shot. They wanted to focus on celebrating the new.  They also wanted to capture Gladys’s Mexican culture and Shane’s Irish background within the wedding.  To do this, we had our DIY team create name cards that were star-shaped, a guest book that captured the couple, and table numbers that were New Year’s resolutions. All of the décor we used was gold or black. We incorporated a candy bar and a nacho bar. There was a ton of great food and lots of fun. Culturally speaking, we had music that mixed salsa, Irish traditional music, and pop music. We also made sure to tie the knot in a traditional Celtic fashion. Of course, we had to have our New Year’s countdown and dance the night away until the AM.

The Favorites…

What was your favorite moment on this wedding day?

It had to be the ceremony. We (especially Nancy) always cry during the ceremony when the vows are exchanged. It is a promise that the couple makes to each other from their heart. It is a culmination of all of their experiences with one another up until that point, so it is always beautiful and true. That is what Aisle Ai is about. We want to celebrate love that is beautiful and true.

Gladys and Shane 17.jpg

What was one item you could not live without on this day?

Our Crash Cart! We cannot do any weddings without our Cart. It literally has everything that you can think of. We are prepared for anything to happen! It has eye drops, undergarments, screwdrivers, tin foil- you name it!

What was one aspect of planning this wedding that you were excited to execute?

We were so excited to have Gladys and Shane incorporate their kids into the wedding. In small ways, as a part of the bridal party, or doing the first dance with mom, etc., we were able to incorporate the children and have them understand they are as much a part of this marriage as the parents are. They were all so loving towards each other; we were so happy to see that!

Thank you to Anna and Nancy for allowing us to feature Gladys and Shane’s special day.  And a special thank you to Hotspot Photography by Jarod Spohrer for the beautiful images of Gladys and Shane’s wedding.  If you are a CWP through The Bridal Society and would like to submit a Spotlight Wedding to be featured, please be sure to visit our private Facebook forum for the application.

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