Society Planner Spotlight: Leslie Herring

The Bridal Society prides itself on producing the highest caliber wedding planners and Leslie Herring of Leslie Herring Events is no exception!  We are thrilled to feature this 2014 winner of The Bridal Society’s Wedding of the Year award in our planner spotlight.

Meet Leslie…


Owner of Leslie Herring Events, Leslie was certified with The Bridal Society in 2013 and again in 2016.  She has served as TBS’s Refresher Course Director and has been featured in national publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings and Style Me Pretty.  She is currently working on a rebrand and is set to launch a new custom website in the very near feature – stay tuned!

Get to know Leslie…

What do you love most about being a wedding planner?

I love how dynamic wedding planning is as a full-time job; it allows me to utilize all of my strengths in unique ways.  I also love how planning weddings challenges me personally and professionally.


What is your average week like?

Every day is different, with its own set of challenges and blessings.  My goal is to spend two days per week working from home, the other days I’m in meetings with vendors and clients and running around town doing other various tasks.  As an owner, I spend a lot of time growing the business, constantly updating our social media and making the most of networking opportunities.  Investing in my staff and making sure they have everything they need to be successful is also my priority and takes a lot of time.

What is the best way you have found to acquire clients?

One of the reasons I’m investing in new branding is that I do not feel like our current brand represents my company and where we are going.  I believe that everything you put out for the world to see (pictures, words, yourself, etc.) should attract your ideal client.  The question I’m always asking myself is, “how can I be irresistible to my ideal client?”  A good thing to note is that if you’re constantly booking the wrong client, then you won’t have room for the ones that fit you best.

What advice can you give and/or have you received that you can pass on to new/existing planners?

Failing is part of planning weddings.  Remember to be humble at every stage of your business and every time you make a mistake, dust yourself off and be thankful for the lesson you learned.


What is your favorite moment on wedding day?

I really love when my client gets the opportunity to see their reception after it’s all set up and before the wedding begins.  It’s like their fairy tale came to life!

What is one item you cannot live without on wedding day?

I cannot live without two extra pairs of shoes.

TBS gives a special thanks to Leslie for this special look into her life and business.  If you are a TBS Alum who is interested in being a part of our Spotlight Feature, please be sure to visit our private forum for the Society Spotlight Application.

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