Wedding Planners: Ensuring Success

There are many successful wedding planners in business today. How do you ensure you are reaching your full potential? It is a combination of many factors: attitude, approach to different people and situations, communication style, as well as overall mindset.


The Bridal Society has over 3,000 members, including wedding planners and wedding venue professionals. It is our goal to guide our members on the road to becoming ultimate professionals who experience great success in not only their careers, but in all aspects of their lives. A question that is commonly posed: “How do I become a success and how fast can I get there?” Success is earned, and true success is not something that you can achieve overnight. It is something you have to work incredibly hard for each and every day. You have to eat, sleep and breathe your goals and dreams. You must want it so badly that it consumes you. You must feel it in every fiber of your body. Many people want instant success, and that simply isn’t possible if you want that success to be sustainable. Here are some tips to help your business grow:

Have a positive mindset. Entering every situation with no preconceived expectations allows for a healthy interaction with the world around you. Don’t self-deprecate. Negative thoughts about yourself or the things, people, and circumstances around you only feed into an endless spiral of pessimism.

Don’t talk badly about others. We at The Bridal Society are firm believers in the idea that the attitude one exhibits and the actions one carries out will eventually circle back around and reflect on one’s own character.

Keep your workspace organized. A calm environment allows for a calm and productive mind.

Keep lists. As wedding planners, you are probably already well-acquainted with lists. Lists are what keep us organized in times of absolute chaos. They will keep you from drowning under the weight of all the things you need to get done. Productive and successful people always have a plan, as well as a backup plan (and a backup backup plan).

Have great communication skills. People are attracted to individuals who are able to communicate clearly, effectively, and with class. The only way to achieve what you seek in life is to make it happen. Be assertive but respectful.

Make an effort to understand people. Going back to having an open and positive mindset, it is important to keep an open mind when interacting with others. Always give people the benefit of the doubt. If you wish to be respected, it is pivotal to respect those around you.

Have high morals and ethics. Set high standards for yourself and, more importantly, behave according to those standards. Consistency and respect are in direct proportion to each other, and you will find that people are attracted to those who firmly act on what they claim they stand for.

Manage your stress level. While you should definitely hold yourself to high standards, it is important to also allow yourself a little leeway. If things feel like they are getting out of control, take this as a sign that it is time to reexamine your priorities. Sometimes it is necessary to put yourself first. It is easy to get caught up in helping everybody around you and forget to take care of yourself. Generosity is a wonderful trait to have, but not if it is at the extended expense of your own happiness. Take time to recenter yourself. Meditate. Write in a journal. Don’t let the everyday stresses of life overcome you. You can and will pull through this.

Maintain a high level of integrity. Stick to your convictions. Follow through on commitments. If you say you will complete a project by a certain time, do absolutely everything in your power to make that happen. To avoid seeming inconsistent or unreliable, simply make sure to not spread yourself too thin or to agree to things you know you will not be able to accomplish.

Overall, to be successful, it is critical to have honed communication skills, an open mind, and consistently high morals and ethics. It is also unspeakably important to manage your commitments in a way that ensures you will not become overwhelmed or fall back on things you say you will do. To avoid feeling too bogged down, make sure to keep an organized workspace and to organize your own mind through lists. If you embody all of these ideas and continue to improve yourself in every aspect of your life, you will undoubtedly see that success will come to you.

By, Laurie Hartwell and Kylee Hartwell

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