TBS Partnership: Aisle Planner

As many of you readers may know, The Bridal Society has some amazing partnerships with several of the leading companies in the wedding industry that offer special rates/discounts for our members.   One of those partnerships is with Aisle Planner.  Aisle Planner has taken the time to share with us a bit more about their product.  If you are a current member of TBS make sure to contact us or check our Facebook forum for more information about the discounts offered.  You can also visit our members only page located on our website!

From Aisle Planner:

For a lot of people, the first steps on the path to becoming a successful wedding planner can feel like an unguided one. At the start, you have so many questions and only have so many hours to feverishly search for the answers on the internet. And, you probably have a moment or two where you are wishing that someone could just swoop in and show you the way (hello, The Bridal Society!).


As a team of wedding professionals, we know that confidently walking down that path is a lot easier when you have all the tools you need to do the job well. And, that’s why here at Aisle Planner, we’ve designed and built all of the planning tools you want, plus all of the business management tools you need to make it all happen – and make it look easy!

Wedding and Event Planning Tools

Plan and organize any of your weddings, events or projects all in once place and on one platform. From weddings and photoshoots to corporate events and personal projects, there is no limit on what you can plan using our tools – because we know there is no limit to your creativity!


Aisle Planner’s suite of wedding and event planning tools makes keeping track of every last detail easy. Our stylish and streamlined system includes everything you need to seamlessly manage the 1,001 moving parts without breaking a sweat.


Assign tasks to your planning partners, set due dates, and get things done with simple, customizable checklists.



Tag, filter, and share timelines with all of your vendors without having to create multiple versions.


Sync your master calendar with your personal calendar and never forget important dates for any of your weddings.

Guest Manager

Manage guest lists, RSVPs, meal selections for each event.


Create budgets, track spending, and set reminders so you or your clients never forget a payment.

Design Studio

Create Style Guides and color palettes to clearly define the vision for the event.


Plus, a Contact Library, Simple Seating, Wedding Websites, Notes, Publishing Platform, Inspiration Gallery, Collaboration Tools, and Planning Partners!

Business Management Tools

In addition to our full suite of planning tools, Aisle Planner has the full suite of business tools you need! From your managing your leads to collecting payments, now you can send unlimited proposals, contracts, and invoices right from your Aisle Planner account!

Lead Management

Track leads and know exactly where you are in the process.

Proposals and Contracts with e-Signatures

Create proposals & contracts & manage online signature process with your clients.



Create & manage online invoices & payment schedules with your clients.

Payment Processing

Have your clients pay online invoices with credit card or ACH.

Plus, brand everything with your logo, and Checklist, Timeline, Budget, and Project Templates to save you time!

But it takes more than just having the right tools at your disposal; you have to know how and why to use them. That’s why we are proud to support The Bridal Society! Not only do you walk away from attending a workshop with the education you need to be a successful wedding planner or venue coordinator, you also get an exclusive discount for Aisle Planner and put all that knew knowledge to good use!

Learn more about Aisle Planner and our community of wedding professionals on our Community Site http://community.aisleplanner.com/blog/

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