Society Wedding Spotlight: Pearl White Events

We’ve got another wedding spotlight for you, this time courtesy of Kim Tran and Pearl White Events:

The Essentials…

About Kim Tran and Pearl White Events:

Sydonie Mansion Engagement Session - Orlando Wedding Photographer21764.jpg

Kim Tran is the Owner of Pearl White Events and a Senior Certified Wedding Planner through The Bridal Society.

A vissionaire whose style is elegant, classy, and sophisticated, Kim always dreamt of doing something that required her to use her creativity and organizational talent. She has always had a knack for planning and upon graduating from the University of Central Florida with her Bachelor’s Degree in Administration she started free-lancing as an event planner. When she was introduced to the world of weddings she fell in love instantly. She applied her work ethics and knowledge from Corporate America to the business.

You will always find Kim smiling and her bubbly personality makes it easy for clients to get along with. She is a quick learner and not afraid to take charge. In her free time she enjoys DIY projects, designing, fashion, home decor, organizing, and looking for inspiration around her. She loves finding good deals and is also the best bargain shopper, ever. Her love for design and planning is evident in the work she produces. She is excited to share her vision and dedicated to channeling her energy towards creating memorable events for her clients.

Date of Wedding: January 10, 2016

The Couple: Tina & Donald


The Details…

Share a brief background story about your clients including their names, wedding date, how they met, how the engagement happened:

Tina and Donald met as teenagers in Colorado but their fates lead them both in different directions until the same fate brought them back together years later as adults. They after a couple years of dating long distance Donald knew he had to take the next step. He proposed to Tina in Hawaii on top of an inactive volcano! They got married on January 10, 2016 in Key Largo, Florida.

How were they referred to you?

I knew Tina because she and I competed in the Miss Vietnam Florida back in 2005. Tina actually placed runner-up! She and I kept in contact ever since and after she was proposed to, she knew she had to have me as her planner.

What unique elements did they want to incorporate into their wedding?

Tina and Donald both love the beach and ocean so they held their wedding at the Key Largo Lighthouse in Key Largo, Florida. Their ceremony was on a private beach overlooking the water with over 200 guests in attendance. We had a chuppah draped in coral fabric to match their wedding colors. Their reception was absolutely breathtaking as we had a clear tent with market lights to fit 450+ guests. The tables were adorned with drift food, fresh florals, and shells.


The Favorites…

What was your favorite moment on this wedding day?

My favorite moment happened during the Vietnamese Tea Ceremony. Typically, the tea ceremony is held at the bride’s house but since they opted to do a beach wedding we had to modify this to be incorporated into the American ceremony. Here Tina and Donald poured and offered tea to both sets of parents as a sign of respect and honor; to thank them for raising them. Tina and Donald said very few words (if any at all) but you could feel the love and utmost admiration they had for their parents by the tears streaming down their faces and soft smiles.


What was your favorite part of planning this wedding?

My favorite part of planning this wedding was the design aspect. I worked countless hours with the florist and rental company to create a WOW space that was inviting, refreshing, and elegant.

What was one item you could not live without on this day?

Since this was an outdoor beach wedding I couldn’t have survived without 3 things. 1. My flats 2. Walkie talkies 3. Bug spray & Sunblock

What was one aspect of planning this wedding that you were excited to execute?

My favorite aspect of their wedding I was excited to execute was the Hawaiian Fire Dancers performance at night. This was a surprise for our guests and a little piece of “home” for Donald since he lived in Hawaii when he was younger. It was amazing! You can watch their video here: You can watch their video here


Thank you to Kim for allowing us to feature this wedding! If you are a CWP through The Bridal Society and would like to submit a Spotlight Wedding to be featured, please be sure to visit our private Facebook forum for the application.


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