Simple Steps to Elevate Your Client Experience

Happy #WeddingWednesday, Planner Friends! Today on The Bridal Society’s blog, we have a guest post from our own Krisy Parker Thomas of Southern Sparkle Wedding and Event Planning. Named 2016’s Wedding Planner of the Year by The Bridal Society, Krisy sure is an amazing wedding planner who knows how to give clients their dream wedding experience. Read what she has to say below on how to elevate your client experience for the new year.


Client Experience is Everything

Ensuring that our clients are taken care of and that their needs and expectations are met is something that we should take very seriously here as wedding planners. My team and I take pride in working with our clients to make sure that both the wedding planning process AND wedding day are an incredible, memorable experience.

A wedding planner with an above average client experience will attract the right kinds of clients time and time again but also get the best referrals from your favorite wedding vendors and venues.

Here are three simple steps to elevate your client experience.


1. Communication

Communication is crucial from the very beginning of the client experience, even before they are actually clients. I have booked so many brides because I was one of the first planners to call or email them back from their initial inquiry. Not only should you contact them back quickly, but contact them with excitement about their wedding day. I have had many potential clients tell me that I was the only wedding planners they met with who seemed excited about their wedding day. In an industry that is all about celebrating two people committing their lives to each other, you should be over the moon excited when you meet with brides and grooms.


Don’t let the responsiveness end when they sign the dotted line and become a client. As someone who has been a bride, I understand the anxiousness you feel when you email one of your wedding vendors and days go by before you hear back from them. Now, as a wedding planner, I know they are probably swamped with other weddings and they are drowning in emails. However, most of your clients don’t understand this. In order to ensure that your clients aren’t in anxious waiting to hear back from you, always email your clients back within 24 hours. If it something that will require a few days to figure out, simply email them stating that you received their email, and will get back to them with the answers to their questions by a certain date. Your clients will feel a sense of relief knowing regardless of how busy you are, you still make time to respond back in a timely manner. During the times you are out of the office, be sure to have an auto-responder, so your clients can have an expectation of when you will see their email.

2. Streamline Process

Our clients lead busy and hectic lives, and as their planner, I want to make sure the planning process is anything but hectic. It is our job as their wedding planner to organize and manage every detail during the planning process. Managing these little details for multiple weddings can be overwhelming. But, by using tools and technology such as Aisle Planner, I am able to stay organized and deliver a structured and stress free wedding planning process. Taking the time to create documents and systems for your business will allow you to thrive as wedding planner as well as providing the exceptional service your clients deserve.

3. Showcasing Your Brand

Our Southern Sparkle brand has grown and evolved into something that I am truly proud of. The evolution of our brand has truly impacted our client experience.

Upon booking, we send out welcome packages that include items that are branded specifically for our business. Even our gifts/thank you cards  still speak to our brand, are intentional and thoughtful and appreciated by our clients. Whether it is a preferred vendor list, our wedding planning checklist or a hair and make-up schedule, every document from us includes our custom font, color schematic and logo.


We even showcase our brand on the wedding day. On wedding morning we deliver cookies for the bride & groom to have as they are getting ready. These cookies are brand related using our hashtag, #sparklebride, but still personal with their monogram.


Offering an exceptional client experience will leave a lasting impression. Your client will remember how you made them feel. This feeling is something they will tell to all their engaged family and friends – leading to more referral business for you.

Basically, a great client experience lives on forever.

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