Vendor Tip Series: Working with Photographers and Videographers

Happy #WeddingWednesday, Planner Friends! Today on The Bridal Society‘s blog, we have our last blog post for 2017! Today’s post is another piece of our contributor content brought to you from Kirsten Otte of Whimsy Lane Events. If you’re looking to strengthen your vendor relationships as you head into 2018, this blog series will be for you!


Relationships with Photographers and Videographers are Crucial

After the party is over, the dance floor is empty, the linens have been packed away, and the cleanup crew has left, the only proof of a wedding well-enjoyed arrives a few weeks later from the photographers and/or videographers. Photographers provide those still moments showcasing the love and joy that took place on that particular day, and the videographers capture all of the important moments that can’t be fully expressed in a still shot. All planners know that these vendors provide the proof of a perfectly executed wedding, and they usually can obtain copies of the images and videos to use for marketing and social media purposes.

What is the best way a wedding planner can help a photographer or videographer?

Work With Them

These vendors work best when they’re working with the wedding planner, and not for the wedding planner. They appreciate when they are consulted on timelines to ensure that they are able to do their best work in capturing the moments that only happen once. For example, when a timeline is setup with back-to-back reception formalities (toasts, speeches, cake cutting, etc.) videographers don’t have time to switch lenses or ensure that lighting is right to capture that perfect moment. Working with these vendors to ensure the timeline of events is also conducive to doing their best work, will please everyone, including the couple when they see the finished products.

Encourage the Couple to Have a ‘First Look’

In regard to the timeline, one way to get on the photographer or videographer’s good side is to encourage a “first look” if that’s something the couple is debating and considering, barring any religious or superstitious conflicts. Having a first look prior to the wedding ceremony helps the day go much smoother for everyone once all of the post-ceremony chaos begins. Photographers and videographers love doing a first look because it usually opens the door for them to get a head start on the wedding party and family photos, which can be very time-consuming after the ceremony. Most couples really want those gorgeous sunset pictures of just the two of them, but that can be tricky to get if other pictures take longer than expected, especially in the winter months when the sunset is extra early.


Schedule Their Vendor Meal Appropriately

It’s also helpful to keep in mind that the only “downtime” a photographer and videographer have on the wedding day is while the couple is eating. Some planners insist that these vendors eat after all of the guests, but by that time, the couple is usually done eating and on to the next event. This leaves very little time to eat just a few bites of whatever food they are offered before they have to get back to work to ensure they don’t miss a speech or cake cutting. Photographers and videographers love when wedding planners understand this concern and offer or “allow” them to eat while the couple is also eating.

Be Educated and Experienced

Photographers and videographers enjoy working with experienced and qualified planners, and are especially fond of Certified Wedding Planners from The Bridal Society, who they know can execute any event perfectly.

Photographers and videographers truly appreciate all of the little (and big, of course) things that planners do on the wedding day to ensure all of the vendors are on the same page the whole time. At a seamless wedding, it’s easy to forget that there’s even a planner in attendance and that everything isn’t just falling into place perfectly on its own, but it’s very noticeable to these vendors when there’s not a planner or coordinator present on the wedding day.


The Bridal Society wants to thank Bonnie Newman, Owner of Bonnie Newman Creative, for collaborating with Kirsten in an interview for this blog post.  

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