Society Wedding Spotlight: Everlasting Events

Happy #WeddingWednesday, planning friends! Today on The Bridal Society blog we are sharing a Society Wedding Spotlight. Today’s featured wedding is brought to us by Tasha Harrison and Kyla Miller of Everlasting Events.


About Everlasting Events

Everlasting Events is a Florida based wedding planning company run by fellow Certified Wedding Planners, Tasha Harrison and Kyla Miller. Tasha loved weddings from early on and has planned and coordinating hundreds of events since 16 years old. She attended UCF’s Rosen School of Hospitality Management and earned her bachelors degree. After college she worked in various aspects of the wedding & events industry including rentals, floral and administration. Her attention to detail is meticulous and she loves creating event timelines more than life itself.

Meanwhile, Kyla was never able to read between the lines, because she was always too busy making sure the lines were straight! It is this attention to detail, along with her creative imagination and concept design, that has contributed to her success in the Wedding Industry. Her time at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale gave her the knowledge of the creative elements necessary to make your event design unique. Over the past 10 years she has proven that no event is too small, too big or too challenging, to execute with excellence.

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The Wedding Details

The Sweet Couple

Michael & Alison Rodriguez got married on May 26th, 2017 at The Four Seasons Walt Disney World, Orlando. This couple is the very definition of fun and class! The couple met working at Disney, so it was fitting that their wedding was held in one of the most beautiful venues on Disney property. Michael and Alison are always doing fun things together (sports events, hiking, concerts, etc) so they wanted their wedding to reflect that a fun and festive atmosphere.

Tasha and Kyla met the sweet couple at a bridal show. The Everlasting Events team always bring their husbands along as their “wing men” to be able to talk to more couples. They’re both super engaging salesmen so they naturally connect with people. Michael struck up a conversation with Tasha’s husband and they really hit it off. Later, Michael told them that it made him feel comfortable with them as people knowing their spouses were there supporting them in their business.

The Wedding’s Unique Elements and Style

Her family is from Hong Kong and his family is from Cuba, so Alison and Michael wanted the whole day to contain many unique cultural elements. These elements included an heirloom cuban blanket wrapped around the couple in the ceremony by both sets of parents and a tea ceremony for honored members of the family. In addition the couple is just FUN, so they were set on having a killer dance party and Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, a local Orlando Favorite, as a treat for their guests.

A Planner’s Favorite Moments

There were 2. The bride was super nervous and anxious before walking down the aisle. Tasha said she “walked into the bridal suite shortly before the wedding and everyone of her bridesmaids were massing her shoulders, temples and arms to de-stress her and make her calm. I LOVE when families and friends are that supportive.” Also, Tasha and Kyla both absolutely loved the traditional moments of the cuban blanket and tea ceremony. This couple was wrapped in love and support all day.

Meanwhile, Tasha and Kyla’s favorite moments of planning the big day were all about the couple. Tasha said, “Honestly they were so easy going, as SWEET as can be, so in love and they knew what they wanted but trusted our design and instincts and implementation. That’s planner gold right there!” One aspect about planning this wedding that they were excited to execute also included both cultural elements from the couple. As Tasha said, “They were so special to both families and a first for us as planners.”

What These Wedding Planners Could Not Live Without On This Wedding Day

Tasha said, “It’s the same for every wedding. Great shoes!”

Michael and Alison’s Vendor Team:


A special thanks to Tasha and Kyla for allowing us to feature this wedding as a part of #WeddingWednesday! Also, thank you to Victoria Angela for the gorgeous image from Michael and Alison’s big day. 

If you are a CWP through The Bridal Society and would like to submit a Spotlight Wedding to be featured, please be sure to visit our members only area on The Bridal Society website for the application.

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