Society Wedding Spotlight: She Rocks Events

Happy #WeddingWednesday, planning friends! Today on The Bridal Society‘s blog we can’t wait to share with you another absolutely stunning Society Wedding Spotlight. Today’s featured wedding is brought to us by Shemeika Arogbonlo of She Rocks Events.

About She Rocks Events

Known for her candor, sense of humor, calm demeanor,  and insanely organization skills, Shemeika immediately fell in love with event planning and design. After planning her wedding in 2007, she started her business and has never looked back. She is a Certified Wedding Planner and active member of The Bridal Society. Her goal was, and continues to be, to create a company that is always innovative, adventurous and focuses on a highly personalized level of service.


The Wedding Details

The Sweet Couple

Shemeika raved that Hannah and Hakeem were by far one of the best couples that she had worked with this year. They got married on July 29, 2017. Hannah met Hakeem at MacArthur High School when she moved down to Houston, TX where she completed her student teaching​ program​. However, she was only there for a few short months and didn’t really get to know him that well. At the end of the semester, Hannah left for a job to teach elementary in the district. But,​ over the summer Hannah realized that her heart was set on teaching high school students, and she transferred back to MacArthur.

When hired as the assistant dance director, Hannah started to get to know more of the staff and coaches. Hakeem coaches football and is a Special Education teacher. While working in the same department, they got to know each other even more! At the start of the school year, Hannah had mentioned to Hakeem that she had tickets to go watch her Wisconsin Badgers play LSU at Reliant Stadium for her birthday. Hakeem never passes up an opportunity to give Hannah a hard time stating there was no way that Wisconsin was going to win. Hannah was not thrilled that someone would dislike her team and was instantly annoyed. When Hakeem suggested they bet on the game, Hannah immediately agreed. The ​loser had to take the​ winner out for drinks. Well, Hannah did​,​ in fact,​ lose the bet and owed Hakeem a round.

Hakeem suggested meeting at one of his favorite Mexican restaurants for their famous ‘Blue Margaritas’. The day that they were supposed to meet for drinks, Hannah was given a hard time by her friends who were insisting she was going on a date. Hannah denied the claim telling them they were just coworkers and that she had simply lost a bet. Hannah showed up to the restaurant ready to enjoy a margarita and some college football. However, when she walked in and immediately saw Hakeem with a big smile and looking extremely handsome she quickly realized that it was,​ in fact​,​ a date, and the rest as they say is history! Shemeika’s husband and Hakeem work together, and they were referred to She Rocks Events by her husband when it came time for Hannah and Hakeem to plan their wedding.

The Wedding’s Unique Elements and Style

For these two, Shemeika wanted it to be all about them when it came to planning their wedding. One important aspect in planning this wedding was the fusion of the two cultures. During the planning process, they had to discuss what were some of the important elements to consider for their big day which was food, music, and blending of families. With Hakeem being Nigerian and Hannah being American and Irish, Shemeika loved how they were able to incorporate their different cultures into their wedding day to tell the story of these two coming together as one. It all turned out great for the couple and many relationships were built on that day especially on the dance floor!

Shemeika’s Favorite Moments

There were so many favorite moments that Shemeika could not count, but one of the best moments was after the couple got married. They both just wanted to go downstairs and have a drink together. When Shemeika went to get them ready for their portraits, they were both so relaxed. Hannah said to her, “I know you got it all under control, so we are not worrying at all”.

Another one of Shemeika’s favorite parts was the reception. It was a plated dinner and everything (according to the guests) was “finger licking good!” Even the cupcakes that were selected looked like mini cakes. All the guests loved it!

What Shemeika Could Not Live With On This Wedding Day

Shemeika raved on her wonderful assistants, Megan and Catherine saying, “I could not make these events happen with out them!”

Hannah and Hakeem’s Vendor Team:



A special thanks to Shemeika for allowing us to feature this wedding as a part of #WeddingWednesday! Also, thank you to George Street Photography for the gorgeous images from Hannah and Hakeem’s big day. 

If you are a CWP through The Bridal Society and would like to submit a Spotlight Wedding to be featured, please be sure to visit our members only area on The Bridal Society website for the application.

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