Vendor Tip Series: Working with Florists

Happy #WeddingWednesday, Planner Friends! Today on The Bridal Society‘s blog, we have another piece of our contributor content brought to you from Kirsten Otte of Whimsy Lane Events. If you’re looking to strengthen your vendor relationships as you go through the 2018 wedding season, this blog series is for you! See what she has to say about working with florists in today’s post.


Vendor Tips: Working with Florists

On the day of a wedding, florists typically have a hand in setting up multiple events for the day. They may have to set up for the ceremony, reception, and sometimes even the cocktail hour, as well as deliver any bouquets and boutonnieres to the members of the bridal party. They provide table centerpieces and décor, additional décor around the reception (cake flowers, hanging florals, bar décor, etcetera), as well as floral arrangements for the ceremony that could be as elaborate as a huge flower arch or as simple as some pomander balls hanging on hooks lining the aisle. Florists provide some of the most aesthetically pleasing aspects of the wedding day, and their work has the power to pull together the whole theme of the wedding.


How can wedding planners help florists leading up to and on the wedding day?

  • There are four main details that a florist needs to know in order to create an appropriate design and proposal for a wedding: inspiration photos, a color scheme, a budget, and a list of specific items the couple wants.
  • While florists greatly appreciate input from the planner leading up to the wedding, they feel they are able to really bring the clients’ vision to life when they are able to speak directly to the couple when it comes to the more personal details, like the bouquet. This ensures that the florist can fully capture what the couple wants without relying on a middle man to relay the information. Of course, the planner is always welcome in any meeting so they can stay informed about their clients’ vision, even for these small moments.
  • For month-of coordination, florists always prefer to have the planner’s contact information prior to the wedding day so they can call them with any questions or if there are any issues without having to bother the couple on their big day. For other packages, the planner and florist will be working together from the get-go and should already have each other’s contact information.
  • The best way to help a florist on the wedding day is to remember that they know what they are doing and are working in their area of expertise. Sometimes planners may think they are helping by making suggestions and recommendations without realizing that these requests may not be realistic or doable. However, florists understand and welcome the planner’s input on minor changes that will help the overall happiness of the client.


Advice to planners from the florist’s perspective

  • Planners, especially newer ones, shouldn’t be afraid to listen to or take advantage of the knowledge held by more experienced vendors at a wedding. Experienced florists and other vendors have probably seen it all and are usually happy to share their advice and knowledge with planners.
  • Remember that florists have their own job to do, just like any other vendor, so they may not have time to set out items that are not their responsibility. Some florists have been asked by planners to do this simply because they were already doing manual labor.


Florists always appreciate that weddings run smoother when a planner or coordinator is involved; the couples and their families are typically less crazed and more relaxed. They believe that everyone benefits from having a coordinator present, and they can expect a more professional event because of it.

Florists greatly enjoy working with experienced and qualified planners and appreciate their ability to create a calm and low-stress environment on the wedding day. When a wedding has hired experienced vendors all around, it allows everyone to focus on their own job and do it to the best of their ability.


The Bridal Society wants to thank Patricia Clevenger, Owner of Florals by Patricia in San Diego, CA and Tiana Scharf, Owner of The Exotic Green Garden in Westlake Village, CA for collaborating with Kirsten in an interview for this blog post.  

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