Society Planner Spotlight: Mike Jones

Happy #WeddingWednesday, Planner Friends! Its that time of week again! Today on The Bridal Society’s blog we have another Society Planner Spotlight that I can’t wait to share with you.

Did you know that we have a large number of wedding professionals from DJs and Florists to Venue Owners who get certified as wedding planners through TBS? This week’s spotlight is one of them featuring Mike Jones of Mike Jones Entertainment and Events!

Meet Mike


Mike Jones is the owner and lead DJ at his company, Mike Jones Entertainment and Events located in Atlanta, Georgia. When asked to tell us a little bit about himself and his business, he said, “Music has always been a part of my life, and I can thank my parents and grandmother for that. My mom and dad had Columbia record service drop off the records and 8-Tracks… yes 8-tracks! The radio was always on in the cars, and I began to pick out my favorite artists as a kid. Elvis was a first and foremost. My aunt and my mom would always have his music on while my dad would play everything from the Mills Brothers to Marshall Tucker and everything in between.”

“All of the music that I was exposed to told a story and attached itself to a memory. Some of them where great and some not so great. All of it held emotion and could recreate that emotion when listening to a particular song. I will never forget a tape that my brother and I created when we were kids. We used a Zenith record player and a Panasonic tape recorder and many reused TDK and Maxell cassettes to record an intro piece. My brother and I put on a Spike Jones album and began creating intros. I will never forget it…and as long as my mom has the cassette…nobody will.”

Get to Know Mike

What inspired you to become a certified wedding planner? 

First, my wife (Audrey Jones) attended many of my events and sought the need of better service for clients. We found The Bridal Society, and she graduated from the Charlotte course. I took the course to better understand a planner’s needs and to be able to assist them as a better team member.

What do you love most about being a wedding planner?

I love how everything comes together and that I am sought out by others because I took the time to learn what it really takes to be a professional certified wedding planner.

How has your certification and membership with The Bridal Society helped you and your career?

It has helped me focus my attention to other planners knowing that they have certain professionals that they trust and encourage their clients to use for the success of their wedding. I want to be other TBS Planners’ trusted source when it comes to my services for their clients.

What does your average week look like?

My week includes calls, meetings, social media, oh yeah and my events. With my company…it’s not just Saturdays. It can be any day of the week. I love the variety of celebrations I am a part of.

What is one item you can’t live without on a wedding day?

Electricity! Kidding…working with amazing clients and other professionals working with one goal in mind. Making the day awesome!

What type of client do you attract?

We typically attract clients who have seen us in action or are referred to us by our lovely clients! Word of mouth is the majority of my business.

What is your favorite moment on wedding day?

Bringing the emotion to the celebration.

Final Thoughts

What advice can you give and/or have you received that you can pass on to new/existing planners?

To give, I would say that MJEAE is on the same page and willing to help in anyway. Get to know us!

What advice do you have for engaged couples?

Ask the same questions to each one of the professionals that you meet. The one that listens to you and asks questions to what you want is the professional you want. The one that describes all the services before asking you needs is only talking about themselves. We want to understand your vision.


The Bridal Society gives a special thank you to Mike for giving us an inside look into his life and business. If you are a TBS Alumni Member who is interested in being a part of our Spotlight Features, please be sure to visit the members only section of The Bridal Society website to check out our Diamond Membership Benefits.

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