Society Planner Spotlight: Lori Wright

Happy #WeddingWednesday, Planner Friends! It’s that time of week again! Today on The Bridal Society’s blog we want to highlight another amazing Certified Wedding Planner. This week’s Society Planner Spotlight features Lori Wright of Bellas Wedding Planners. Get to know Lori and her business in today’s Spotlight below.

Meet Lori

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When asked to share a little bit about herself and her business, Lori tells us, “I am the Founder and Senior Certified Wedding Planner of Bellas Wedding Planners. I also serve as the Forum Article Director for The Bridal Society, and I am certified by The Travel Institute as a Certified Travel Associate. While I am physically located in the Maryland/Washington, DC/Virginia area, my business is comprised largely of destination weddings throughout the US, Mexico, and Caribbean. I sincerely love connecting with clients and bringing their vision to reality!

On a personal note, I am passionate about travel, whether for work or pleasure. I’m the mother of two adult children, two rescue family members (dogs), and wife to an amazing husband who allows me the freedom to be me!”

Get to Know Lori

What inspired you to become a certified wedding planner? 

It was quite by accident. I began my career as a travel agent who did a few destination weddings. Back in the day, destination weddings were simple. They comprised of a couple and maybe another couple. Then the destination wedding scene exploded. Suddenly, I had huge groups and they were asking me all types of questions about weddings – linens, ceremony timeline, etc. I didn’t know, I was a travel agent. So I did my research to be able to give them options, and I liked it. In fact, I liked it so much that I wanted more. I changed my business structure to weddings and only booked romance travel. It was at this point I realized I needed official certification and training. This is where The Bridal Society came in and allowed me to also take on stateside weddings.

What do you love most about being a wedding planner?

I absolutely love meeting new couples and bringing their vision to fruition.

How has your certification and membership with The Bridal Society helped you and your career?

Both my certification with The Bridal Society and the benefit of being an alumni has given me the tools that I needed to succeed. The training that I received sets me apart from many competitors and gives me credibility.

What does your average week look like?

My typical week consists of answering e-mails (and more e-mails!) and outside meetings and appointments. I like to have my conference calls in the evenings and on weekends. I’m also out-of-town frequently performing site visits or working at destination sites.

What is one item you can’t live without on a wedding day?

I can’t live without a shoulder tote bag. It becomes the catch all for the entire bridal party/wedding party, mothers of the Bride and Groom, and my essentials for the day.

What type of client do you attract?

My clientele are extremely diverse. However, the majority of my clients are destination weddings.

What is your favorite moment on wedding day?

The very moment when the doors open and the Bride locks eyes with her husband to be…gets me every time!

Final Thoughts

What advice can you give and/or have you received that you can pass on to new/existing planners?

There will be hiccups at your events. The real test is how you handle the hiccup. If you’re a true professional and have adhered to the training received from The Bridal Society, no one will know there was ever an issue.

What advice do you have for engaged couples? 

After the proposal, your first consultation/purchase should definitely be consulting with and hiring a wedding planner!



The Bridal Society gives a special thank you to Lori for giving us an inside look into her life and business. If you are a TBS Alumni Member who is interested in being a part of our Spotlight Features, please be sure to visit the members only section of The Bridal Society website to check out our Diamond Membership Benefits.

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