Society Planner Spotlight: Ashlee Dunn

Happy #WeddingWednesday, Planner Friends! It’s that time of week again! Today on The Bridal Society’s blog we have another amazing CWP to share with you. This week’s Society Planner Spotlight features Ashlee Dunn of Elle Nicole Events.

Meet Ashlee


When asked to share with us a little bit about her business, Ashlee told us, “Elle Nicole Events is an award-winning, full-service event planning company. Founded by three women, we have a passion for creating and producing elegant and timeless events. When it comes to wedding planning, we love to take the most special and unique elements of our clients’ love story, combined with the ideas of their dream wedding, to create and design the best wedding day. Our background in design and coordination allows us to plan weddings using bold patterns, beautiful color palettes and luxurious décor enhancements, all while flawlessly executing each event. Our work has been featured by Modern Luxury Weddings, Black Bride Magazine, Aisle Perfect and Zola.”


Get to Know Ashlee

What inspired you to become a wedding planner?

I was inspired to become a wedding planner after planning countless events for my friends and family. A lover of details and LOVE led me to wedding planning. After planning weddings for the past 5 years, I still love it today as much as I did when working on my first wedding.

What do you love most about being a wedding planner?

I love to see my clients watch all of the planning details come to life on the wedding day. I also love that my clients entrust one of the most special (and expensive) days of their lives to me, and they do so because they know that I have their best interest at heart.

How has your certification and membership with The Bridal Society helped you and your career?

Certification with The Bridal Society has helped me focus on my client’s experience and has provided me with the tools to provide the best experience possible to all of my clients.

What does your average week look like?

Each week, I have scheduled meetings with my clients and vendors to plan and discuss details for their wedding. I also have monthly check-ins with all of my clients to ensure they are staying on track, and they have access to me to ask questions or vent about the planning process.

What is one item you can’t live without on a wedding day?

My timeline! My timeline is with me the entire day to ensure we don’t miss anything. I also can’t live without water. It makes the ‘wedding hangover’ much less painful!

What type of client do you attract?

Our clients are stylish, decisive and have an awareness of how they envision their wedding day. They don’t want a “cookie cutter wedding,” so they challenge us in designing the wedding day of their dreams.

What is your favorite moment on wedding day?

Room reveals are my absolute favorite part of the day. There’s usually tears, high-fives and hugs, which make all of the time spent planning a wedding all worth it. I also love the ceremony. It’s the reason why we’re all there and it’s always so special to see my couples profess their love for one another in front of all of their friends and family.


Final Thoughts

What advice can you give and/or have you received that you can pass on to new/existing planners?

My advice is to try to learn something from each event. Weddings require a lot of attention to detail, and they require planners to be flexible. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn something from a mishap or error. It makes us better! Also, get educated. The Bridal Society provides so many tools for planners. Use them!

What advice do you have for engaged couples?

Hire a planner! After you hire a planner, trust that your planner will advocate for you, keep you on track and will assist you with making the toughest decisions. The wedding doesn’t go smoothly without a planner by your side.



The Bridal Society gives a special thank you to Ashlee for giving us an inside look into her life and business. If you are a TBS Alumni Member who is interested in being a part of our Spotlight Features, please be sure to visit the members only section of The Bridal Society website to check out our Diamond Membership Benefits.

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