Seamless Wedding Days Explained: Part 1

A wedding is a symphony. The wedding planner is the conductor, the couple is the composer, the wedding professionals are the orchestra, and the guests are the audience. At the end of the night, the audience should be left with an overwhelming feeling that they have just witnessed a masterpiece.

Every part of the composition is important, but possibly the most crucial aspects of any performance are the tempo and volume of each piece. This is why conductors are so important: they keep each section of the orchestra on the same page so the integrity of the piece is preserved and properly presented. The wedding planner’s role is to make sure that the couple’s vision—the sonata that may have taken years to compose—is perfectly executed by all members of the orchestra—the hired wedding pros—playing in sync. The wedding planner brings it all to life through a predetermined connection with the brass, woodwinds, percussion, and strings that make up a Carnegie-Hall-ready orchestra of professionals.

Without this system of communication, there would only be a jumbled mass of sound, leaving the audience confused and the composer disappointed. This is why communication is the name of the game throughout the big day.

The truth is, a lot of wedding day confusion can be cleared up easily enough long before the day itself arrives. As long as there is communication between each professional regarding timing and other requirements, the day should run smoothly. Problems arrive when someone feels there is no need for such communication, or if one wedding professional goes “rogue.”

This is why wedding planners have to be so selective about which professionals make it onto their preferred vendors list. They have to be able to trust that all links in the chain will hold steady, and that none of them will shake loose on the most important day of their clients’ lives. If you want to run the type of business that planners and other wedding professionals love to work with, keep an eye out for next week’s blog: Seamless Wedding Days Explained: Part 2.

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