Seamless Wedding Days Explained: Part 2

If you haven’t already done so, take a look at last week’s blog post: Seamless Wedding Days Explained:┬áPart 1.

The most seamless wedding days occur when every single wedding professional is on the same page.

The Bridal Society

1. Be Open & Honest
The first ingredient in the recipe of functional wedding-day communication is openness and honesty. If you keep your individual needs as a wedding professional hidden, how can you expect others to know how to accommodate you? It’s equally important for you to be open to what other professionals need and to value their craft. Communicate as clearly as you can while maintaining an open mindset.

2. Cultivate Respect
When you treat your fellow wedding professionals with respect, you will attract the same respect in return. Creating an environment of respectful discourse between everyone involved with the wedding will automatically improve the event itself. You will also be encouraging wedding planners to refer you more business in the future by showing them that you will always treat their clients with respect.

3. Stay Humble
While it is important to take pride in your craft, it is crucial to stay humble when working with others. When you are asked to do something a little differently to accommodate other people on a team, this does not necessarily mean your own expertise is being questioned. Enter every conversation with the end goal of collaboration and growth, and you will be introduced to new opportunities and possibilities you may never have considered before. This is a good thing!

. . .

Wedding planners are just as responsible for entering into all discussions between wedding professionals with an open and kind mindset. If the conductor of a piece has a bad attitude, none of the orchestra members will want to pay attention to the instructed tempo and volume.

Minor cues from across the room can set the next part of the event in motion without disruption, all because everything has been discussed previously. Conductors give similar cues to their orchestra during a performance, and these cues hold meaning only because everyone has agreed upon what they mean beforehand. Bring this sort of energy into wedding day, and you will collectively perform a masterpiece every time.

If you follow the guidelines above, you will find yourself working with some of the best professionals in the industry, who all enjoy working with you as well. It is an amazing feeling to be on a team that is all on the same page, and to produce an event that leaves everyone in attendance in awe. This can only be done when wedding professionals work together. Are you ready to perform an unforgettable symphony worthy of a standing ovation?

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