5 Wedding Planning Tips

5 Sanity-Saving Wedding Planning Tips

Overwhelmed with all those wedding day details? We’ve got you covered. Read on to discover 5 sanity-saving tips for your wedding planning experience.

1) The very first thing you’ll want to do is to hire a professional Certified Wedding Planner. Certified Wedding Planners are well-trained and passionate, and they have spent time making valuable connections within the wedding industry. They will refer you to wedding professionals who not only provide quality service, but also often extend exclusive discounts to couples who are working with a Certified Wedding Planner. The reason wedding vendors do this is because they know that the wedding day will run much smoother if you are working with a professional wedding planner. Your Certified Wedding Planner will keep everything organized and will foresee the millions of possible mishaps before they happen.

2) Stay away from making your decisions based solely on the price tag. Your Certified Wedding Planner will suggest wedding vendors who are at the top of their game, and these suggestions will be based on reliability and professionalism rather than the price tag. Knowing that a higher price tag does not necessarily reflect higher qualifications, your Certified Wedding Planner will be looking out for your budget and best interests.

3) Only hire wedding businesses that are legitimate. If the wedding vendors you are considering do not conduct themselves in a professional manner, then they do not deserve your business. There are so many unexpected things that can happen on your wedding day, and you do not want to leave any of them to chance. Remember to read reviews and to rely on the preferred vendors list of your Certified Wedding Planner. They will help you choose wedding professionals who will be able to gracefully handle any situation on your wedding day.

4) Secure a written contract for each and every wedding professional you work with. When you hire a florist, baker, photographer, or any other type of wedding vendor, a contract signed by both parties is a must. Your Certified Wedding Planner will help you review each contract (depending on the planning package you choose), and this will help you avoid making costly mistakes. Make sure that the specific services each vendor will provide are clearly defined in the contract well before the wedding day. Otherwise, the “professionals” you hire are not legally obligated to fulfill their commitments, and they could walk out on the wedding day with no consequence.

5) Never use a friend or a family member as a wedding vendor. Your grandmother may make the best lasagna in town, but she has no business catering your wedding. Will she make sure you have enough stemware, silverware, plates, and napkins? Does she have the proper equipment to keep that much food hot or cold according to the relevant health regulations? Does she have enough catering staff to serve all your guests in a timely manner? Will she be able to work together with the venue to ensure a smooth dining experience? The answer to these questions is most likely no, unless grandma happens to be a professional caterer with pre-established connections within the wedding industry. Your Certified Wedding Planner’s job is to make sure your big day goes as smoothly as possible, so they will set you up with reliable and professional vendors who are free of family drama and unpredictability.

If you keep all these things in mind, your wedding day will be an absolute breeze. If you only do one thing mentioned in this article, at least follow tip #1. Hiring a Certified Wedding Planner will take a huge load off your shoulders, and you will have someone in your corner during all vendor relations. Many times, your Certified Wedding Planner will also save you about as much money as you pay them, between discounts they get through vendor relationships and their own cost-saving tips.

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Wedding Planner yourself? The Bridal Society offers the nation’s leading Wedding Planning Certification program, and is the world’s largest group of wedding planners. This two-day program is an extensive studies of all that goes into planning a wedding, and you will receive lifetime membership, support, and continuing education opportunities. Contact our staff at info@thebridalsociety.com or 800-630-7440 if you have any questions!

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