Wedding Day Timeline Certification Course

Dear Wedding Pros:

Are you ready to become a certified expert at creating wedding day timelines?

If so, I have an exciting announcement for you!

Timeline Genius and The Bridal Society have partnered to bring you the industry’s first  Wedding Day Timeline Certification Course!

  > > > > Click Here to Become a Certified Timeline Genius! < < < < 

When you complete this online course, you will:

  • Take your wedding day timeline expertise to the highest level
  • Know exactly how to gather, organize, and present information in your timelines the right way
  • Gain a master-level understanding of the Timeline Genius platform, and develop a hyper-efficient timeline creation workflow
  • Earn a new certification to distinguish yourself in the marketplace
  • Get your own permanent spotlight page on the Timeline Genius website!

Eddie Babbage, CEO of Timeline Genius, teamed up with Laurie Hartwell, the founder and CEO of The Bridal Society (the nation’s largest membership and certification program for wedding planners). Laurie has over 27 years of experience planning weddings for celebrities and elite clientele. She’s earned numerous awards, and she’s educated and certified thousands of successful planners across the country!

In this course, Laurie teaches you how to create timelines that produce seamless, A+ weddings. She gives you the step-by-step playbook for making timelines that will have your clients and vendors showering you with praise!

To complement Laurie’s instruction, Eddie teaches the second half of the course with a focus on technology and workflow. His instruction is rooted in his 6.5 years of intensive timeline research, my interviews with hundreds of elite planners, and my analysis of thousands of timelines from planners around the world.

In his course modules, Eddie gives you a hands-on, master-level understanding of Timeline Genius. And he helps you implement the optimal, cutting-edge workflow for creating your timelines.

Whether you’re a newbie wedding planner or a seasoned veteran, this Wedding Day Timeline Certification Course is your opportunity to take your timelines to the highest level of professionalism.

The introductory price for this course is only $49! Laurie and Eddie want to make sure price would not be a barrier to your education. We want you to soak up and benefit from the knowledge and expertise we’re sharing.

So make this investment in yourself. Take your skills to the elite level, and earn the certification that will officially show your expertise to the marketplace!

> > > > Click Here to Become a Certified Timeline Genius! < < < < 

Eddie and Laurie looking forward to seeing you in the course!

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