Congratulations to Our Freshly Certified Timeline Geniuses!

Below are this week’s featured talented planners who have become masters of the timeline creation process through the certification course hosted by Timeline Genius and The Bridal Society. These planners reveal what keeps them passionate about weddings in their own Timeline Genius Spotlights.

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Danielle Armstrong

Company Name: Danie Marie Events
Location: Watchung, NJ
Title/Position: Founder & CEO
What Fuels You? “The learning will never stop, and that excites me. I vow to always have some new concepts or tips to offer my clients which will, in turn, make their experience better.

Danielle’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Krysteena Atienza

Company Name: Krysteena P. Atienza, Wedding Consultant
 San Diego, CA
What Fuels You?
 “Hearing about the couples’ stories and meeting those closest to them is one of my favorite aspects of wedding planning. I’m always so fascinated by how people are brought together.”

Krysteena’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Zanna Clayton

Company Name: Perfectly Touched Events, LLC
Location: Prince Frederick, MD
Title/Position: Owner & Certified Wedding Planner
What Fuels You? “I LOVE hearing how my couples day wouldn’t have been the same without me. I mean come on…how could you ever get tired of love?”

Zanna’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Nathalie Dautruche

Company Name: A Very Lovely Wedding
Location: Miami, FL
Title/Position: Owner
What Fuels You?
“I love hearing the unique stories of each couple and being being able to retell it through their wedding.”

Nathalie’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Melanie Eubanks

Company Name: Lemon Drops Weddings & Events
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Title/Position: Owner
What Fuels You?
“I love keeping up with new looks, styles, and trends. However, my passion is making all of our wonderful couples’ dreams come true!”

Melanie’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Hannah Gay

Company Name: Once Like A Spark
Location: Nationwide
Title/Position: Event Planner
What Fuels You? “I love making sure we incorporate each couple’s individual personal touches for our team to capture and preserve these moments that happen once, like a spark!

Hannah’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Melissa Lohr

Company Name: Beautiful Memories Wedding & Event Planning
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Title/Position: Owner
What Fuels You? “One of my favorite parts of the job is when a parent comes to me and tells me how thankful they were to be able to relax and be present in the moment at their child’s wedding.”

Melissa’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Michelle Miskell

Company Name: Glamorous Weddings
Location: Dayton, OH
Title/Position: Owner
What Fuels You? “I love getting hugs at the end of the night and thank you cards saying how much they were able to enjoy their wedding. It keeps me passionate about what I do!”

Michelle’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Halle Neeley

Company Name: Halle Neeley Events
Location: Atlanta, GA
Title/Position: Lead Planner
What Fuels You? “I love educating my clients. Every couple is unique and presents a different set of questions.”

Halle’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Hillary Overmyer

Company Name: Hillary Rae Events
Location: Mahomet, IL
Title/Position: President
What Fuels You? “One thing that keeps us going is knowing that every day is different and every event will have its own challenges, whether it’s something with the client or another vendor.”

Hillary’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Sarah Sansom

Company Name: Day by Design Weddings & Events
Location: Ontario, Canada
Title/Position: Owner
What Fuels You? “It’s always been about the people, for me. Every couple brings a unique and beautiful love story to life and I am blessed to be a part of it.”

Sarah’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Susan Townsend

Company Name: Sapphire Wedding Planning
Location: Dickson, TN
Title/Position: Owner
What Fuels You? “I work with a very limited number of couples each year, so by the time we reach their wedding day I feel like they are good friends or more like family to me. At every wedding I feel absolutely honored to be a part of their special day.”

Susan’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Erica Kate Agbayani Viray

Company Name: Hallea Events
Location: Seattle, WA
Title/Position: Associate Planner
What Fuels You? “I’ve always had a passion for people and community and I heart to serve.”

Erica Kate’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Jacqueline “Jax” Vizcaino

Company Name: Tinted Event Design & Production
Location: Atlanta, GA
Title/Position: Owner & Lead Designer
What Fuels You? “Guiding a couplet through the conceptualization, design and execution of what guests describe as a made-to-order event is the greatest compliment.”

Jax’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Brandy Wheatley

Company Name: Blue Chalk Events, LLC
Location: Yukon, OK
Title/Position: Owner
What Fuels You? “I love seeing the pure joy and excitement in a couple’s eye! Hearing each and every love story keeps me excited to come to work everyday!”

Brandy’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

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