Congratulations to Our Freshly Certified Timeline Geniuses!

Cheers and big congratulations to all of our amazing planners who became Certified Timeline Geniuses this week! We applaud you for putting in the work to continually build your skills and to elevate the standards for our industry.

We’re proud to show off your profiles and spotlight pages below. Keep up the great work!

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Alexandria Arlotta

Company Name: Nicole Squared Events
Location: Orlando, FL
Title/Position: Planner
What Fuels You? “I love being able to put smiles on people’s faces, watch how in love a couple is, and be able to see people have fun and celebrate!

Alexandria’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Elizabeth Barbato

Company Name: Confetti Event Planning
 Tuscan, AZ
What Fuels You?
 “Each couple has their own story and it is unique. My passion is to help design, create, and implement this vision for my client It is always changing and there is always something to learn.”

Elizabeth’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Sandy Bell

Company Name: Imperial Events
Location: Atlanta, GA
Title/Position: Owner
What Fuels You? “What keeps me passionate about weddings is that I know that I have helped someone solve a problem or reach the final result they desired.”

Sandy’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Lori-Jean Braun

Company Name: Grand Events By Lori
Location: Malabar, FL
Title/Position: Owner
What Fuels You?
“Seeing the clients on their wedding day, enjoying the day, and not having to worry about anything, truly makes me happy.”

Lori-Jean’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Lori Bridges-Hahn

Company Name: TLC Events & Weddings, LLC
Location: Harrison, OH
Title/Position: Owner/Planner
What Fuels You?
“My favorite part of wedding planning is the smiles on my clients’ faces, their hugs, and hearing them say “We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Lori’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Christina Marie Dickerson

Company Name: Once Like A Spark Photo + Video
Location: Nationwide
Title/Position: Logistics Specialist
What Fuels You? “Weddings are such a magical and joyous milestone in couples’ lives that show off each couple’s personalities. I love that we get to capture every detail!”

Christina’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Danielle Hedglen

Company Name: Villa Aletta
Location: Omaha, NE
Title/Position: Wedding Coordinator
What Fuels You? “Everyone’s story is so different and unique so I really get to hear from people from all walks of life. It is truly an amazing industry!”

Danielle’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Sonya M Heroux

Company Name: Soirees by Sonya at Five Bridge Inn
Location: Rehoboth, MA
Title/Position: Owner
What Fuels You? “I tell my clients that putting an event together is like putting a puzzle together. Each piece represents a different element, (venue, music, photography, etc). Once the puzzle is completed you have your vision brought to life!”

Sonya’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Audrey Jones

Company Name: Georgia TLC Events, LLC
Location: Atlanta, GA
Title/Position: Owner
What Fuels You? “I enjoy putting the tender, loving, care into every wedding/event I have the honor of doing. The look of sheer amazement on the couple’s faces makes you have the warmest feeling inside.”

Audrey’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Sarah Grace Lurie

Company Name: Ivory Events Colorado
Location: Boulder, CO
Title/Position: Lead Coordinator
What Fuels You? “My favorite part of wedding planning is designing a day that is unique to each couple.”

Sarah Grace’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Kimberly Mack

Company Name: Dream Event Services
Location: Cleveland, OH
Title/Position: Owner/Lead Consultant
What Fuels You? “Two things ignite my passion. The first is the look on the groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time. The other is seeing my clients enjoy their festivities.”

Kimberly’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Alisha Millwood

Company Name: Amazing Moment Weddings
Location: Columbia, SC
Title/Position: Owner/Planner
What Fuels You? “I love creating something special for each and every couple. Getting to know them is such a treasure and it helps me make the day truly about them.”

Alisha’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Nicole Moore

Company Name: Purple Door Planning
Location: Memphis, TN
Title/Position: Owner & Lead Planner
What Fuels You? “I love that each event is so different and that I can assist each couple in telling their love story keeps me passionate.”

Nicole’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Kaycia Rhone

Company Name: Kaycia Rhone Events
Location: Atlanta, GA
Title/Position: Owner
What Fuels You? “Knowing that we played a part in making the wedding day one of the happiest of their lives is amazing. It’s all about the people for me!”

Kaycia’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Ryan Mae Van Duyne

Company Name: Ryan Van Duyne Events
Location: Brick, NJ
Title/Position: Owner/Event Planner
What Fuels You? “What keeps me passionate about wedding planning is seeing the client’s smiling face and hearing them say that “you were an important part of our wedding day and I will never forget it.”

Ryan Mae’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Tanisha Watson

Company Name: Planned To A Tee
Location: Southbridge, VA
Title/Position: Chief Excitement Officer
What Fuels You? “The relationships that I form with my couples keeps me driven. Marriage matters and I am always grateful to be a part of the wedding process.”

Tanisha’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

Velma Whitby

Company Name: Velma Whitby Events
Location: Edmond, OK
Title/Position: Owner
What Fuels You? “The thing that keeps me passionate about weddings is to watch a couple’s vision come to fruition and seeing the joy expressed in the moment, as well as for years to come.”

Velma’s Timeline Genius Spotlight

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